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Week 1 Grocery List


3 medium red potatoes or 2 medium sweet potatoes

2 lime 

Mushrooms (large box baby Bellas) 

3 squash 

1 box of Grape tomatoes 

4 Avocados 

1 purple cabbage **WILL HAVE LEFTOVERS

1 large red onion

1 poblano pepper

1 large bundle of garlic 

1 small bundle of Cilantro

1 large box of spinach, kale, or spring mix (Use in smoothies, bowls, etc.)

1 vegetable of your choice (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini- use in MON. Night bowl)

1 bundle celery- use for snacks and smoothies 

At least 2 apples 

1 medium head of broccoli

Mandarin oranges (use in smoothies and as snacks)

Bell pepper (1 red, yellow or orange)

Pumpkin seeds 

1 small bag of baby carrots (use in smoothie and snacks)

1 fruit of your choice (pineapple can be precut!)

1 box of blueberries (for oatmeal OR smoothies)



1 frozen bag of brown rice (for bowl- optional)

Frozen corn

3 small bags frozen berries or 1 large bag

1 Ezekiel bread 

1 bag of frozen quinoa and mixed veggies (OR 1 bag of frozen quinoa and 1 bag frozen mixed veggies-corn carrots and peas)



1 bag/box rolled oats (whole grain)

4 cans of black beans (no/low sodium, BPA free can) 

1 can of tri-beans (no/low sodium, BPA free can) 

1 low sodium Asian sauce (Check ingredients list!)

1 can tomato paste (no sodium, BPA free can) 

1 box of edamame/black bean or whole wheat pasta (edamame/black bean pasta is much higher in protein) 

1 jar marinara sauce (ORGANIC- low sodium, no oil)

Tostada shells 

Dark chocolate 

No sodium peanuts 

1 bag ground flax seeds


1 pack of tortillas 

Low sodium vegetable broth 

1 jar of peanut or almond butter (All natural, nothing added! Check ingredients!)




1 jug unsweetened original soy milk 

1 large jug Naked or other juice (green or blue)








Black pepper 

Chili powder 

Onion powder 

Garlic powder






1 small package of chicken (I have not included recipes for how to cook chicken, as I do not promote consumption of animal products! However, baked is the preferred method of cooking!)

1 small block cheese for snacks (Ideally, cut back on dairy as much as possible! But if this is something that you enjoy, don’t deprive yourself!)

1 small tub of ice-cream (Hopefully yogurt can help curb this craving, however you should treat yourself to what you love once a week!)