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What's Provided by our Hut

Hut Amenities and Provisions

Huts are modestly furnished and equipped with propane cook-stoves, wood-burning stoves for heat in season, a light source, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, necessary tools, and emergency supplies.

Huts are currently somewhat minimalistic and utilitarian in nature. Creed Mountain Huts, in consultation with Glamppy, may undertake to remodel/redecorate and outfit the huts to provide a marketable "glamping experience" to guests. There are wash basins, but no indoor plumbing and no water supply for guests (and no plans for such amenities).

Fisher Mountain Hut has simple solar lighting. Huts are stocked with firewood, propane, fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits.

Huts include common spaces and amenities for rest and recreation, including:

Sofas, bunks, tables, and chairs,

Games & informal libraries,

Hut log and journal,

Naturalist programs, maps, and recreational information.

Solar-powered electrical outlets or charging stations are currently unavailable. Fisher Mountain Hut has a wood stove for heat and has solar power that provides light and a place for USB charging (Nehemiah and Lauren have one additional small solar charger). There is a propane cook stove with four burners, a wood burning stove, a giant pot for snow melting, utensils for eating and cooking, dish washing supplies, counter space, a table with seven chairs, animal-proof food storage, three single bunk beds and two double bunk beds with pillows and mattresses. There is also another mattress in the loft area of the sunroom and an L-shaped couch in the sunroom.

Fisher Mountain Hut:

Tools Provided: Snow Shovels, ash can and shovel, brooms and dust pan, basic tools.

Supplies Provided: Split firewood, kindling, toilet paper, rags, garbage bags, matches, soap, sponges.

House wares Provided: Pots, pans, fry pan, utensils, cutting board, knives, coffee mugs, can opener, bowls, cups, salt, pepper, other spices.

Kitchen: The hut comes equipped with a propane cook stove. There is a propane tank at the hut. There is no oven. There are pots and pans, silverware, utensils, measuring cups and spoons, water glasses, coffee cups, wine glasses, melitta coffee filters and cone, thermos, hot pads, kitchen towels, paper towels, garbage bags, dish soap, scrubbies, spices, salt and pepper. It is a camp kitchen. It is recommended to pack all necessities.

Lighting: The hut has solar lighting and propane lanterns that operate with disposable propane canisters, which are provided. A spare lantern, globe, and mantles are provided as well.

Sleeping: The hut is set up to accommodate up to 6 persons. The arrangement is two bunk beds with two mattresses on each with two extra mattresses, which can be put on the floor when needed. There are 6 pillows/cases provided.

Warmth: The hut comes equipped with an airtight wood-stove, with a glass window for ambiance. Firewood is provided. There is newspaper and matches provided as well for fire starting. There are two throw rugs available to assist with comfort and ambience. Sleeping bags and blankets are not provided. PACK IT!

Vault-Toilet: There is an outhouse for going to the bathroom. Toilet paper is provided. There is lime in the outhouse for spreading when finished. In the event the outhouse is non-functional, there is an emergency lug-a-loo and in the rare event the lug-a-loo is non-function there are cat-hole instructions. Please do not deposit anything besides human waste and waste water into the toilets. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE.

Toilet paper should be bagged and packed out or incinerated.

Urination- please do not pee off of the deck, or in random areas around the hut! Either use the outhouse or walk to the far side of the outhouse beyond the path.

Water: supply is by snowmelt. Snow may be collected anywhere in the vicinity of the hut. Care should be taken to select only clean, pure snow. The snow may be melted in the large pot on the wood stove. Take care not to burn the snow when melting or there will be an off taste to the water. It is recommended to boil water to purify it. There are large pots, which live on the wood-stove for melting snow for cooking, drinking, and doing dishes. There are other large pots for collecting snow. It is recommended that all drinking water be adequately boiled. It is easy to cool down by putting covered pots outside.

Table: There is a table and seating.

Accessories: There is a broom, mop and bucket, hatchet, axe, maul, snow shovel, and digging shovel. These will help with managing the snow around the yurt and keeping the yurt tidy inside.

Check out time is 1 PM. You may stay later if the next group has not arrived yet, but the hut should be ready for their arrival. Please leave the hut as you found it: fresh piles of dry wood and kindling inside with the floor swept and dishes clean. We encourage a hut gift, like a bottle of wine or fresh coffee.

Safety The hut are in the mountain backcountry. Travel in such a remote area can be hazardous. You are responsible for your own safety.

Creede Mountain Huts requires its guest obtain a Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search & Rescue Card. If you are not a licensed hunter or fisherman, please, drop by the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office and pick up a CORSAR card. $3.00 for one year $12.00 for five years. For the cost of the card, you have helped ensure that trained and well equipped search and rescue teams will respond should you become lost or in need of rescue. Furthermore, volunteers will not have to incur undue expense due to your emergency. (We can get this done together)

Please Screenshot the following:

Forest Service Contacts:

Creede Forest Service Ranger Station

304 S Main St, Creede, CO 81130

Phone: (719) 658-2556

Steve Brigham, Recreation Forester

13308 W. Highway 160, Del Norte, CO 81132 (719) 657-3321

Martha Williamson, District Ranger, Divide Ranger District

13308 W. Highway 160, Del Norte, CO 81132 (719) 657-3321


Existing Road Access to and Area Surrounding Fisher Mountain Hut (37°40'26.0"N 106°58'11.6"W / 37.673889, -106.969884)

The Fisher Mountain Hut is a 500 square feet frame and log structure built on log piers and sits on a large wooden deck.

Search & Rescue Contacts:

Email: mincoemc@gmail.com mineralcosar@gmail.com

Phone: 719-658-2600 Fax: 719-658-2764

Mineral County Sheriff (Creede)

Temporary address 3rd Street and S Main St, Creede, CO 81130

Phone: (719) 658-2600

Colo packing list


Packing List

Safety & First aide Kit**

Boots (Ideal in case of snow- wet shoes suck)


Bag- as warm as you have**

Your warmest comforter

Warm Hat- that covers your ears

Mittens and/or Gloves- mittens are warmer

Wool socks


Long Underwear- both top and bottoms

Pants or Knickers (non-cotton wicking and insulated)

Long sleeve shirt/thermals

Jacket- insulated

Windbreaker (if preferred)

Neck gaiter/skii mask (the slump god)

Sunglasses (if preferred)

Sunblock (if preferred)

Day Pack/small back pack

Map and Compass**

Food/water (see later in presentation)

Warm shoes for hut (slippers)

Head lamp or flashlight

Toilet Paper

Toothbrush and Paste

Soap- biodegradable only

Shovel at the vehicle in case we need to dig it out

Plastic bags for waste**

Although the weather indicates that it probably won't snow, we need to be prepared for anything. Bring plenty of warm gear. 

**will be provided by Nehemiah and Lauren