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Colo packing list


Packing List

Safety & First aide Kit**

Boots (Ideal in case of snow- wet shoes suck)


Bag- as warm as you have**

Your warmest comforter

Warm Hat- that covers your ears

Mittens and/or Gloves- mittens are warmer

Wool socks


Long Underwear- both top and bottoms

Pants or Knickers (non-cotton wicking and insulated)

Long sleeve shirt/thermals

Jacket- insulated

Windbreaker (if preferred)

Neck gaiter/skii mask (the slump god)

Sunglasses (if preferred)

Sunblock (if preferred)

Day Pack/small back pack

Map and Compass**

Food/water (see later in presentation)

Warm shoes for hut (slippers)

Head lamp or flashlight

Toilet Paper

Toothbrush and Paste

Soap- biodegradable only

Shovel at the vehicle in case we need to dig it out

Plastic bags for waste**

Although the weather indicates that it probably won't snow, we need to be prepared for anything. Bring plenty of warm gear. 

**will be provided by Nehemiah and Lauren