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Whole-Food French Toast

French Toast 



1 piece of Ezekiel Bread

½ cup of unsweetened Soy*/Almond milk 

1 tbsp vanilla extract (optional)

1 tbsp ground flax 

1 pat of vegan butter or 1 tbsp of any vegetable oil (coconut, olive, etc.)

Fresh berries 


  1. Put ½ cup Soy* milk, 1 tbsp vanilla extract and 1 tbsp ground flax into a wide, shallow bowl. Whisk with a fork and allow to sit for 3-5 minutes. 
  2. Put a pan on medium heat and add the pat of vegan butter or oil 
  3. Dip both sides of the bread into the milk mixture without completely submerging it. 
  4. Place bread in the pan and cook for approx. 4 minutes on each side or until golden brown 
  5. OPTIONAL: place berries in the pan and cook down for approx 4 minutes. Mash berries while they’re in the pan to form a jelly OR top your french toast with fresh berries (or any other fruit you’d like) and honey! 

*Those with thyroid imbalance (hypo-/hyper-thyroid) should not use soy products. Instead, opt for unsweetened almond milk 


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