Bonobo Booty Band

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Our Bonobo Booty Band is designed to burn and sculpt the booty. With non-slip grip and much more resistance than your average elastic band, you are sure to feel the burn in the buns!

By purchasing a band through Ape Fit, you will also be making a contribution to the Bonobo Conservation Initiative.

Also, because you are one of the first to visit Ape Fit, you will also receive an 'Early ape' discount code VIA e-mail or text that will give you $20 and 20% off of our first program. This Bonobo Booty program will include 9 weeks of workouts tailored to tone and lift the booty as well as various guides including 'How to go plant-based' and 'Counting macros for your goals'. Sign up for our e-mail list to be notified when the Bonobo Booty program drops!