Bonobo Booty Program

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Our Bonobo Booty Program is designed to sculpt the booty and tone the body while helping you reach your particular goals. 

What's included:

-An 8 week workout program designed to tone the body and lift the booty.

-Our Program comes with an accountability planner that will keep you on track to reaching your goals and provide valuable information throughout your journey. The planner is designed to help you stay mindful of how you are feeling daily, help you set realistic goals, and motivate you to continue progressing.

-An E-Book that provides information on practicing mindfulness, how to effectively stay healthy and explanations on why and how to go plant-based,

-Two custom fabric hip bands with non-slip grip and much more resistance than your average elastic band, you are sure to feel the burn in the buns! Comes with both medium and heavy resistance

-Access to Ape Fit recipes that will have you eating healthy and feeling great. Of course, these meals will all be plant-based.

-Additional E-Books including "Counting Macros For Your Goals," "Toxic Products to Remove from Your Home" and much more!

By purchasing a band through Ape Fit, you will also be making a contribution to the Bonobo Conservation Initiative.

Also, because you are one of the first to visit Ape Fit, you will also receive an 'Early ape' discount of 20% off of our first program.